IVECO Telematics is a locally developed and manufactured telematics solution designed specifically for Australia and New Zealand transport operators and other businesses that operate road transport fleets.

The system provides an extensive array of information-rich data (up to 70 channels) including tracking, driver monitoring, safety, theft, maintenance and vehicle performance information to help streamline and bring greater efficiency to vehicle movements, while minimising running costs and unforeseen downtime. 

All data from IVECO Telematics is accessed through a secure portal where a profile page and dashboard allows users to customise their account details and settings, manage users and access information covering map page and areas, asset trails, live tracking, management of vehicles, groups, drivers and services, alerts, reporting, vehicle transfer and help.

IVECO Telematics is now fitted as standard equipment on all heavy duty Euro6 ACCO, Euro6 X-Way and Euro5 Stralis models effective with vehicles built from September 2020. The package also comes with a 12-month complimentary subscription.  A number of longer subscription plans are available to suit customer needs.

Although primarily designed with Euro6 vehicles in mind, customers with existing applicable heavy duty IVECO models* will also be able to have the system retrofitted through their IVECO dealership. There are some variances in program features depending on the vehicle (please see Features and Services Overview table under the ‘Information-rich data’ tab).

*Compatible with existing IVECO Euro6 vehicles with FMS Standard V4 version 13.10.2017 and IVECO Euro5 vehicles with FMS Standard V2 version 11.11.2010. There will be some reduced data available for Euro5 models.   

Each compatible IVECO heavy duty vehicle is fitted with a small telematics module and GPS antenna on the production line at IVECO’s manufacturing facility in Victoria. The telematics module features a standardised FMS (Fleet Management System) output and connects to the vehicle through the CANBUS interface and ignition. 

The equipment is compact and integrated into the vehicle behind the cabin in an overhead storage box where, once actuated, it submits a secure signal, via the high-speed Telstra Machine to Machine (M2M) 4G network, to the Australia-based database server. From here, the data can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Using a secure web portal and mobile app, IVECO Telematics transmits real-time information and reporting covering vehicle performance, driving characteristics, route planning and more, assisting to reduce fleet running costs while increasing safety.

IVECO Telematics features Australian-made hardware, software and firmware. All telematics data is housed on servers based in Australia, for added security and accessibility.  

IVECO Telematics is one of the most advanced and complete ‘end-to-end’ telematics systems available in Australia and New Zealand, offering users an extensive range of tracking, driver monitoring, safety, theft, maintenance and vehicle performance data.

Tracking and Routing

Know exactly where trucks are during the course of their route; update clients on delivery of goods or service timings as required with: 

  • Live GPS tracking
  • Geo-fencing of operating areas and/or restricted areas
  • Vehicle trip information reports including trip details and log reports

Theft avoidance

Reduce downtime and disruption by mitigating the risk of vehicle theft 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Vehicle is tracked at all times
  • Provides alerts when the vehicle leaves a designated area or geo-fence
  • Advises if the vehicle moves without the ignition being actuated

Driver monitoring

Driving performance plays a major role in the fuel consumption and maintenance costs of a vehicle. IVECO Telematics will identify driving style issues and allow these to be improved through additional training. The system can provide:

  • Harsh braking alert
  • Harsh acceleration alert
  • Moving and stationary over-revving alert
  • Over-speed alert and over-speed limit alert
  • Over-idling alert
  • Driver scorecard reports
  • Driver productivity reporting


The perfect complement to IVECO’s extensive list of on-board active and passive safety equipment, IVECO Telematics can also deliver:

  • Vehicle roll-over alert
  • Impact alert

Vehicle maintenance 

To assist in minimising vehicle downtime and to better schedule maintenance work, IVECO Telematics provides data including:

  • Vehicle odometer and engine hour readings
  • Scheduled maintenance reporting
  • Tell-tale activity reporting
  • Battery voltage level
  • Engine coolant, engine oil and transmission fluid alerts

Vehicle performance

Gain a better understanding of how the truck is being used in its application by receiving information covering:

  • Speed
  • Brake count
  • Gear changes
  • Fuel usage
  • Wear free braking time
  • Ambient and cooling temperatures
  • GCM status
  • Engine RPM (low, green and high)
  • Cruise control usage
Vehicle roll-over alert X X X
Impact alert X X X
Low service brake air pressure alert - X X
Vehicle odometer and engine hours readings X X X
Scheduled maintenance reporting X X X
Tell-tale activity reporting - X X
Battery voltage level X X X
Engine coolant, engine oil and transmission fluid alerts - X X
Speed X X X
Brake count X X X
Gear changes X - X
Fuel usage X X X
Cooling temperatures X X X
GCM status - - X
Engine RPM (low, green and high) X X X
Cruise control usage X X X
PORTAL & Mobile App X X X

All data from IVECO Telematics is accessed through a secure portal: that’s compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers. 

A profile page allows users to customise their account details and settings, manage users and access information covering:

  • Map page and areas
  • Asset trails (provides a 24 hour snapshot of all fleet movements)
  • Live tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Management (vehicles, groups, drivers and services)
  • Alerts
  • Reporting – including automatically-generated or on-demand, in pdf, xlsx and csv formats and on-screen
  • Vehicle transfer
  • Help  

The information is also accessible through a mobile app which is available for both Apple and Android devices by searching ‘IVECO Telematics’ at the app store. 

For transport companies and fleet operators using their own telemetry programs, IVECO Telematics can be integrated with their current portal via the Applicable Program Interface (API).

IVECO Telematics is covered by a generous warranty period that matches the standard warranty duration of the vehicle to which it is fitted.

As the system is locally developed and manufactured, spare parts and support are always close by and easily accessible. Should any hardware fail, it will be replaced with a new component under a changeover program. The changeover is facilitated through your authorised IVECO Dealer and replacement parts are promptly dispatched within one to two business days from the day the changeover request is received.

Support and troubleshooting for IVECO Telematics can be accessed through the ‘Telematics Troubleshooting Guide’ for hardware-related faults and via the ‘Telematics Portal User Manual’ for portal assistance and for technical assistance. General technical support services can be accessed by contacting MYIVECO Customer Support: