Sponsoring The Blues has led to a collaboration between two of the team’s commercial partners that will help introduce industry standard equipment to the next generation of automotive engineers.

IVECO and Manukau Institute of Technology started talking about how they could work together at a sponsors’ function.

This has led to the importer and distributor of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles to donate two diesel engines and a gearbox to the south Auckland vocational education provider.

“The industry is screaming out for training on diesel – so this will be a real industry arch,” says MIT automotive lecturer Trevor Williams who is thrilled his students will be able to learn on the new equipment, as well as complete work experience with IVECO.

“The best way to grow your business is to listen, so let’s take the opportunity IVECO has given us,” he says.

The engines allow for learners to be directly exposed to modern systems.

“They will learn stripping identification, measurements and reassembling from an engine point of view, then we’ll use the fuel system to educate students on how the common rail fuel system works. They also go through the oiling system, the turbo charger, intake and exhaust,” says Trevor Williams.

MIT Recruitment Consultant Maureen Prasad can’t wait to see students gain work experience with IVECO, which will happen at least once a week in their Wiri-based workshop, less than three kilometres from MIT TechPark in Manukau.

“Once some of our students have completed a few months’ worth of work with the automotive school, we want to get them in to complete work experience here at IVECO,” explains Prasad. “This will prepare our students for the industry by gaining that hands-on experience.”

IVECO Service Manager Anton van den Oever is excited for an ongoing partnership with MIT. “We look forward to forging a new pathway of new technicians through work experience for the students at MIT.”

Blues Rugby General Manager Commercial, Todd Hewitt, is delighted with the collaboration that has come from both parties’ support of the franchise.

“To see two Blues partners working together on an initiative which benefits both and provides practical experience for young students is extremely pleasing. We’ve made a concerted effort at the Blues to focus on collaboration between partners and this initiative is great testament to that focus,” he says.

At TechPark, MIT is helping students build sustainable, rewarding, resilient careers in trades and engineering. It’s also a hub for collaboration between education and industry to ensure Aotearoa meets its need for key infrastructure and transport