Origin 100% IVECO


The importance of the braking system.

The efficiency of your vehicle's braking system is an essential factor in your daily work. A properly maintained braking system means better performance and increased safety. This is why it is necessary to choose only Iveco Original Replacement Parts, the only replacement parts capable of guaranteeing constant performance over time and high quality standards. …      more


Only Original Bumpers have passed the operational, fatigue and materials tests that qualify them as Iveco Original Parts, guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability on the road. If you ever have to do a body repair, choose Iveco components and you can be sure that your vehicle will be repaired to the same fit and finish as when you bought it.

Iveco conducts extensive and comprehensive on its …      more


IVECO Genuine Filter range is your number one choice for filtration needs.

Unlike many counterfeit/inferior products, IVECO Genuine Filters: 1) Are able to withstand wider temperature ranges from -30c to +90c2) Are designed and developed for use on a specific engines 3) Designed for high mechanical strength4) Have a high safety margin and are easy to replace....      more


An enlightened choice.

Iveco original headlights guarantee lasting performance over time as they are produced by the same manufacturers that designed them. They are produced on high-tech production lines using leading-edge instruments and machinery. All the materials used have been tested and qualified with durability tests, in compliance with Iveco quality reference standards. Every production …      more


IVECO has selected PETRONAS LUBRICANTS as its official partner.

The co-design of lubricant formulations and the development of new engines and transmissions has ensured that Petronas Lubricants are able to provide a complete range of ORIGIN 100% products, designed specifically for the IVECOrange of vehicles...    more


Original wiper blades: 100 percent quality and visibility.

The efficiency of wiper blades is vitally important. They have to remove rain and snow perfectly from the entire surface of your windscreen, be able to withstand extreme temperatures (from -30deg to + 80deg C), the mechanical stresses of wind and the weight of snow and ice. They have to be resistant to organic and inorganic deposits and …      more