Iveco History

IVECO was formed in 1975 with the merger of five European manufacturers – Fiat (Turin, Italy) OM (Brescia, Italy), Lancia Special Vehicles (Italy) Unic (France) and Magirus Deutz (Germany). The name IVECO is an acronym for Industrial Vehicle Corporation. IVECO continued to grow with the acquisition of Ford Truck (UK) and Astra in the mid 80’s followed by Seddon Atkinson (UK), 1991, and International Trucks Australia Limited in 1992.
IVECO Trucks New Zealand was formed when International Trucks Australia Limited purchased International Trucks NZ (in Receivership) in 1992. Trading as International Trucks New Zealand until 2000, the name was changed to Iveco Trucks New Zealand. The Company has a long and proud history in this country starting early last century when the International Harvester Company began business. Over the last 100 plus years, Australia and New Zealand have experienced remarkable growth and development through its primary and secondary industries. International Harvester, subsequently International Trucks and now IVECO Trucks helped build the road transport industry.  

The strong tradition of local truck manufacturing is more closely linked with the creation of the Dandenong manufacturing plant. When it opened in 1952 it represented significant investment in the Australian truck industry. The New Zealand operation imported vehicles from the Australian plant in CBU, SKD, and CKD form through until the mid 80’s when the NZ assembly plant closed. Since the factory opened the Australian parent company developed its manufacturing processes and product development in line with the growing needs of our unique region.

Today, the Dandenong plant builds the ACCO and Stralis models. It is also the home of a large product engineering department that has a facility for building and testing prototypes built to suit Australian and New Zealand conditions. IVECO Trucks New Zealand is able to reap the benefits of the parent company’s investment into its Australian manufacturing capabilities with products specifically engineered for the NZ market as well as being able to source products from other factories throughout the world to meet our specific market needs.