Iveco (Industrial Vehicles Corporation) is a world leader in the field of transport, with sales that exceed Euro 9 billion.

Brands and products / A complete solution for professional transport
Iveco is an international company that operates on the global market through six brands, each of which is specialised in a specific sector of professional transport. Through its Iveco, Iveco Motors, Iveco Magirus, Astra, Seddon Atkinson and Irisbus brands, the company designs, builds and markets:

•  Light (2.8 - 6 tonne GVW), medium (6 - 16 tonne GVW) and heavy commercial vehicles (over 16 tonne GVW) for road transport and off-road applications
•  Engines for vehicle and industrial applications
•  Fire-fighting appliances
•  Special vehicles for civil protection
  Passenger transport vehicles.

A global presence / A worldwide vocation
Iveco operates in all corners of the world; its 31,000 employees speak 15 languages and profess more than 10 religions. The company is represented in more than 100 countries through joint ventures, licensing agreements and investments , which include Naveco Ltd, Haveco Ltd and CBC-Iveco Ltd in China, Iveco Argentina, Iveco Fiat do Brasil Ltda and Iveco Venezuela in South America, and Ital in New Zealand.

A sales and service network and other services / More than just vehicles
The product range is backed up, worldwide, by a range of services - after-sales, financial and used vehicles - provided by a far-flung sales and service network. Today, throughout the world, there are over 840 commercial vehicle dealers, 89 for buses, 31 for special vehicles and 139 for engines.

Plants and research centres / Where the product is created
Iveco has 49 manufacturing sites all over the world: in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, Turkey, Libya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, New Zealand and China. To offer vehicles that are always on the cutting edge, Iveco invests constantly in experimentation which is carried out in its 15 research and development centres dotted all over Europe.